Farmer Project; Today’s progress

Today I had my friend helping at the garden. While we were working at the site we met several garden owners around our plot. Some were new just like us, some were the returning gardener who can talk about the history of this plot. It is very nice to becoming a friend while we were working at the field.

今日は、お友達の和泉さんも畑にお手伝いに来てくれました。2人でぺちゃくちゃお話ししながら、2通りの野菜床をつくり、そこに2週間程前に我が家で種まきして育てたさやえんどうの苗を植えました。 今日は、私達の他にも何人かの方々が畑で働いていらっしゃって、その方達とも挨拶がてらお話をしました。お日様の下で野菜を育てながら、見知らぬ人と会話して楽しむのも、なかなかいいものですね。

My friend Izumi and I added another two rows in where we planted snow peas which Ayaka and I started from the seed 2 weeks ago.  ☟In this picture is the view from the parking lot. The most right row is the bed for the potato called Russian Banana, and there were some shoots comming if you see very carefully. Two rows next to the Potato row are the snow pea beds. There are 2 rows far behind the plot are cabbage, raddish, and water melon beds. We sow seeds on May 12th, and I could see some were germinated.

下の写真は、駐車場からの眺めです。一番右側の縦の床には、ロシアンバナナという品種のジャガイモが植えられています。先週に植え付けしたのですが、良ーくみると目が出ていました。嬉しいですね♡ そしてジャガイモ床のとなり、2通りが今日作ったさやえんどう畑です。 奥の2通りは、一番奥がキャベツとカブ、その手前がスイカです。どちらも5月12日に種まきしたのですが、わずかながら芽が出ていました。

☟This tiny fellow is dreaming to become a big green ball some day. …..and I can’t wait to cook cabbage soup for my darling.


☟Raddish’s shoots can tell by its looking; it has a red outline around the sprout.


☟From my experiance, I know the zuccini will be spleading wildly so I am kind of hegitate to grow it.  Anyway I planted one zuccini at the corner of the plot, and my plan is to lead the zuccini shootings along the border line. Do you think this particuler zuccini will behave?



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