Farmer Project; Planting potatos. Yay!

It was such a nice day.   I drove to the barn and loaded 6 bags of manure compast in my Prius. (See the picture below.)  I wish I could carry more bags at a time.


I warked at the farm for 1 and half hour turning soil along the border with our neighbour. This part will be potato and tomato garden. I planted the potato seed called “Russian Banana” only which I could find at the store. I also planted 4 tomato plants which I started from the seed a few weeks ago. They are very skinny and small so I am not sure if they will grow.



When I was turning the soil, I hit very big rock with my shovel. At first I though this could be a pipe which goes through the property or  may be an acient greek ruins, but I kept digging and digging and so on.  Finally I found the edge of the rock and be able to lift it up using leverage.  What a clever idea! Now this big rock is out of the earth but still lieing on the ground. If you have a big mascle and happen to be the farm, will you please take this big guy out of the property.

土を耕している時にね、もの凄い大きな石を掘り当てたの。 最初は、この敷地の下を通るパイプとか、昔の遺跡とかかなって思ったんだけど、飽きもせず掘り続けてみたの。そしてついに石の端っこの所まで行き、その後はてこの原理を使って地中から掘り出したんだけどね、持ち上げるまでには至らず、大きな石さんは畑にどーんと居座っています。もしね立派な筋肉をしているあなたが畑に行く様な事があれば、是非敷地の外に出しておいて欲しいの。どうかお願い。


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