Farmer’s Project; Kick off the farming season!

This is the official starting weekend for our community garden.(日本語での記事は、下にあります)

We carried 9 bags of horse manure compost from the barn where Ayaka is taking horseback riding lessons.

This stable keeps a pile of manure and gives us the the manure for free.  Well composted manure is free of odors, so I am carrying the bags of manure in my Prius.  The stable owner, Solange, told me that the darker the color of the soil, the more mature it is.   So we dug it out from the darker side and I saw sooooooo many warms wiggling around, which is evidence it is very healthy soil. By the way, this manure is 4-5 years old, so we can’t call the manure ” poop” !

☝The youngest farmer Issac had to use big muscles to dig the compost.

☟Today’s job at the farm was picking rocks, turning soil, mixing the soil with compost manure, and then seeding. Thanks to Jennie, Tony, Hannah, Ayaka, Sarha, and Issac, we completed two rows of bed and sowed the seeds of the Cabbage,  the raddish, and the watermelon.

I will mail you the next group working day soon as I figured it out.  If you happen to go to the plot by yourself, please pick some rocks from the flat part, and please  leave those 2 rows of bed alone for the planted seeds to grow.

いよいよこの週末が、公式なガーデンプロジェクトの開始日です。 本日は、私の義理の妹と子供達3人が助っ人として、畑仕事に加わってくれました。


これらの馬糞の運搬は、黒いゴミ袋に摘めて それを乗用車で運びます。昨日は2台の乗用車を使用したので、計9袋運び入れる事が出来ました。先週には、2度に分けて8袋運び入れたので、これらの馬糞を石を取り除いた場所の土を混ぜ、2通りの野菜床が完成しました。これらの野菜床には、キャベツ、ラデッシュ、スイカの種を巻きました。



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