Farmer Project News: Get started

We got a plot!

According to the community garden organization, the official start to the gardening season is mother’s day weekend, but we are allowed to start now.   So we checked the plot and got a head start with two young helpers.

Ayaka(9) and Sarah(8) were a great work force to pick rocks out of the property and loosening the soil.

We worked in the garden about one and half hours today. It is a good way to get children out of the house and connected to nature!  We hope you will join us next weekend.

This garden project is in its second year and the soil is not yet ready for growing vegetables. This soil needs a plenty of nutrition.  Please keep in mind that you should save some kitchen waste and bring it to the plot. My primary goal right now is increasing the worm population. Oh, and we are trying to not use chemicals if possible.

I’ll see you at the property!



公式な開始日は 母の日の週末ですが、各自敷地の準備等を開始しても良いという事なので、我が家では早速2人の子供を連れて庭仕事を開始しました。





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