Farmer project news: First seeding

Ayaka and I started seeding inside the house last Sunday (April 22).  Above the picture shows the vegetables we sow.

Next Sunday, we will seeding more seeds such as soy bean, snow bean, zukkini, and more cucumber.  From my experiance, the cucumbers produce the fruits in a short period, so my maneuver is that start seeding  in the different time in order to have longer harvesting time.

According to the Fairlawn community garden project team, we can have our garden spot on mother’s day weekend.  I will bring horse manure from Ayaka’s stable soon as we rceive the spot. I will need your help to turning soil and get ready to grow vegitables. I hope we can plant by the end of next month, which supposed to be out of danger of frost.

Have a great day!





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